Q + A: Journal Fodder

On a previous newsletter, Jen asked:

I’m curious about how you get the paper fodder for them? Out it the world, scanner, printer, oodles of cash spent on ink?

Great question! I share some examples in the video above, but here’s the bullet points:

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paper ephemera // I don’t come across things I want to keep very often and I’m not very drawn to do that style of journaling, but if you’re looking for it, I think it’s pretty easy to find lots of free journal fodder

stickers // Probably what I use most often right now. I have a couple of sticker subscriptions (Neat Stuff Sticker Club and Life Love Paper). I shared the sticker book from Little Dark Press. And not mentioned, but I recently bought a bunch of tiny stickers from Planner Monkey Co and have been using those a lot.

hand painted collage paper // I don’t use this much currently, but it’s very easy to make your own paper with printer paper, acrylic paint, and an old credit card. I love the effect.

old books // Nature images are the most versatile.

vintage photos and paper // I love love love vintage snapshots and am fortunate to usually find several at my local creative reuse center (do you have one in your town? highly recommend checking them out!). I also look for graph and ledger paper, and anything with a good patina.

printables // Not my preferred source since I just kinda hate dealing with my printer (why are home printers still terrible in the year of our lord 2023?!). And I don’t have a great system for storing things once they’re printed out. But I do subscribe to Erin Ware’s Patreon and will make the effort to print her stuff out because I love her style!

yearbooks // I spent years wishing for vintage yearbooks before I hit the motherload- I have 12 or 13 now, most belonged to my parents and grandparents.

What’s your favorite source of journal fodder? Can you convince me to love printables?

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